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ZebraSmash Episode 1: Bonds 101

Part 1 of an overview on bonds by Zebra Smash

ZebraSmash Episode 24 - Required Minimum Distributions

An exhaustive and exhausting review of RMDs

ZebraSmash Episode 2: Bonds 102

Part 2 of an overview on bonds by Zebra Smash

ZebraSmash Episode 6: Profit Sharing Plans

Designing and implementing profit sharing plans

ZebraSmash Episode 7: Persuasive Writing

Tips and tricks for more effective writing

ZebraSmash Episode 10 - Tax Return Reviews

Tax return reviews for fun and profit

ZebraSmash Episode 14 - Oil and Gas

Royalties, working interests, and tax implications

ZebraSmash Episode 26 - Risks in Advanced Age

Literature review of older client behavior

ZebraSmash Episode 27 - Modern Portfolio Theory

History and applications of MPT

ZebraSmash Episode 49 - Safe Savings Rate

Safe savings rates explored

ZebraSmash Episode 41 - Senior Living and Financial Planning

A discussion on CCRCs and aging in place

ZebraSmash Episode 33 - Government Employee Benefits

Retirement and fringe benefits for gov't employees

ZebraSmash Episode 45 - Philanthropy Planning

How to talk philanthropy with clients

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This website exists to allow the hosts of the Zebra Smash podcast to offer CFP Continuing Education credit. For a list of episodes with their show notes, take a look at their website!